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Our Purpose is a single-point community resource for anyone who has a question about child abuse in the Wichita area. Visit this website to learn about child abuse, to find a resource to help you or someone you know, or to learn how to volunteer your time to help combat child abuse. If you suspect a child you know has been abused, please call 911 immediately.

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Project History is a partnership between Junior League of Wichita and more than 20 agencies that work with child abuse victims and those closest to them. started simply as an idea in 2011, several months after Junior League of Wichita membership voted to make child abuse its one-issue area. As members began researching community needs related to child abuse, agency and community leaders suggested creating a central place online linking child abuse agencies together on one website. The purpose of this website is to benefit people in the community with questions about child abuse and to combat child abuse through awareness, prevention and intervention.

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