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Behavioral Indicators of Physical Abuse in Wichita, Kansas

Child abuse is not always obvious, but behavioral indicators of child abuse may be evident. If you notice any behavioral indicators of physical abuse in the Wichita, Kansas community or surrounding areas, do not hesitate to take action.

The earlier child abuse is caught, the better the chance of recovery and appropriate treatment for a child in the Wichita, Kansas community and surrounding areas. Seeing one warning sign or behavioral indicator of physical abuse does not automatically mean a child is being abused. It is important to dig deeper and look for a pattern of abusive behavior and behavioral indicators. 

Common behavioral indicators of physical abuse include:

  • Demonstrating behavioral extremes (Very aggressive or demanding conduct)
  • Appearing frightened of the parent or caretaker
  • Shrinks at the approach of adults
  • Being full of rage (Passive or withdrawn)
  • Being apprehensive when other children cry
  • Verbally reporting abuse
  • Being extremely hyperactive, distractible or irritable
  • Demonstrating disorganized thinking, self injuries or suicidal behavior
  • Running away from home or engaging in illegal behavior such as drug abuse, gang activity or cult activity
  • Displaying severe depression, flashbacks (including hallucinatory experiences) and dissociative disorders
  • Sudden changes in behavior
  • Child starts wetting or soiling clothing or bed
  • Sleep problems, including nightmares
  • Cannot recall how injuries occurred or offers an inconsistent explanation

Parents and adult caregivers in the Wichita, Kansas community may also give behavioral indicators that they are physically abusing a child. Common behavioral indicators of parents and caregivers include offering conflicting, unconvincing or no explanation to a child’s injury, describing the child in a very negative way, using harsh physical discipline with a child or having a history of abusing children, animals or pets.

Please note that these behavioral indicators must be considered with other evidence. Ask yourself these questions when determining whether physical abuse has occurred:

  • Is the explanation consistent with physical evidence?
  • Are there any other physical or behavioral indicators?
  • Are there family/environmental stresses that are apparent?

If you notice any common behavioral indicators of child abuse in the Wichita, Kansas community or surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to dial 911 immediately.

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