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What is Child Abuse?

Child abuse and neglect are difficult topics to discuss, but they are prevalent issues in Wichita, Kansas, and there are thousands of reports of child abuse in the state of Kansas each year. 

By definition, child abuse is any physical injury, physical neglect, emotional injury or sexual act inflicted upon a child. If you are a witness or think you are a witness to child abuse in Wichita, Kansas, it is your responsibility to take action. Any concerned person in Wichita, Kansas can report suspicions of child abuse. It is important to take action immediately in order to help the well-being and health of the child.

If you notice any common indicators or witness child abuse in the Wichita, Kansas community or surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to call 911 immediately.

Attending an event for one of our local resources is a great way to show your support. By participating in an event or fundraiser, you are helping the missions of our local resources to combat child abuse.

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