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800-593-1950 - 4505 E. 47th St. S. Wichita, KS 67210

EmberHope is a nonprofit faith-based agency committed to developing innovative programs that inspire change in at-risk youth and families. Their program divisions, Youthville and FCS Counseling, use evidence-based practices that focus on the needs of the individual to spark change.

EmberHope has a unique understanding of the impact of trauma on those they serve because their agency is a certified training partner of The Child Trauma Academy in Houston, Texas. Their staff and foster parents are trained in Dr. Perry’s Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics. They believe their specialized training, highly skilled staff, innovative programs and sensitivity to the impact of trauma enables them to spark change and improve lives.

  • Youthville is passionate about sparking change through their foster care, child-specific adoption recruitment, residential treatment and secure care programs. Their highly skilled staff uses evidence-based practices to serve hundreds of children and families each year who have experienced severe trauma or whose families are at-risk and need help.
  • FCS Counseling improves the lives of thousands of people each year by offering innovative counseling solutions. Their focus is on the individual needs of the client by developing a treatment plan to meet those needs. They have skilled staff that offers expertise in a wide range of issues and techniques for people of all ages. 

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