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Harbor House


316-263-6000 - PO Box 3759, Wichita, KS 67201

Catholic Charities Harbor House has provided shelter, outreach, support and compassion to victims of family violence since 1992.

  • Provides a safe and confidential shelter.
  • Includes private rooms for mothers with children.
  • Comforts those in need with a supportive, Christian atmosphere.
  • Has a 24-hour hotline.
  • Connected to vital needs (i.e. job training, medical care, day care).
  • Provides counseling, support groups and educational courses (i.e. parenting and budgeting).
  • Includes children’s programs.
  • Provides case management (job searches and training, housing and support in court).
  • Helps with transportation assistance.
  • Has outreach services including court advocacy and domestic violence advocate located at SRS.
  • Promotes economic advocacy.

The shelter is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week with caring, trained people who meet the emotional and physical needs of the women and children in crisis who call the shelter for assistance. Catholic Charities Harbor House exists to help break the cycle of violence against women and their children by providing them a safe place to stay and support services like  counseling, education and referrals to community resources. Harbor House uses outreach advocacy services; staff members counsel and guide victims of abuse through the judicial and SRS systems. Through shelter, support and compassion, Harbor House works with women and their children to help them realize a life free from abuse and envision a future filled with promise and hope. 

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